Unlocking Knowledge Conference
EIFL to participate in this conference hosted by COMMUNIA in Belgium

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Event Date: 06 Mar 2024
Brussels, Belgium

Teresa Hackett, EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager, will moderate a panel at the ‘Unlocking Knowledge Conference’ which will bring together EU policymakers, academics and civil society to discuss how to enable knowledge institutions to play a bigger part in creating a flourishing information ecosystem.

Educational, research, and cultural heritage institutions play a crucial role in enabling European citizens to access information, contributing to an environment that encourages innovation and the creation of new knowledge. Unfortunately, these institutions also face hurdles when working with copyrighted materials - lack of harmonization of copyright laws, legal uncertainty, exposure to liability and fear of litigation. And when they encounter difficulties in obtaining licences from rightsholders, they face obstacles in using digital formats.

COMMUNIA will host the “Unlocking Knowledge Conference” at Town Hall Europe, Brussels. For the agenda and to register, please go here.