Plant damage caused by pests

Pests are known to cause damage to crops in various ways, you can quickly notice plants that have been damaged by pests, but the damages tend to vary a lot. If an insect destroys crops, you can notice they pierce and cause browning or yellowing on plants.

Some pests are placed on categories depending on the kind of destruction they cause, for instance, leafminers which leave tunnels on leaves, defoliators, on the other hand, eat everything leaving the plant bare.

Another type is the gall maker, which causes destruction to all parts of the plant from stems, leaves, and even twins; they cause the plant to swell. Some of its examples are gall wasps and midge larvae.

The last category is known as phloem borers; this feed on wood and one of its examples is a beetle.

The only way of getting rid of pests is by using pesticides and ensuring that weeding is done on time.